Book Review: “Sky Riders: Bright Star” by Erin Swan

This week I am reviewing the free novel “Sky Riders: Bright Star” Erin Swan

Author Erin Swan displayed her masterful talent in drawing me into Andra’s life with a mixture empathy and enrapturing history.The lead character was already a very strong young lady, and proved herself to be adaptable and clever. I found myself growing giddy with anticipation for the next twist of her wild adventure.

The world of Paerolia is rich with history and custom that rivals our own. There is a delightful mysticism that is woven throughout the story, that helps to build the surreal setting.

Her writing style let the story flow easily, and I lost track of time while reading it. I’ll happily give this story five stars.

If you would like to suggest any other free stories for me to review – whether they are your own or a personal favorite, I’ll be happy to add them to my queue.

This story is posted on the online publishing site Inkitt, available at this link:


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