Hi, my name is Patrick.

To call writing my passion is an understatement. As soon as I could pick up my crayons I was doodling fanciful monsters and landscapes, and weaving tales about them and their magical environments. I suppose that is something I never outgrew, although I did get markedly better since then.

My writing has earned me three awards in the past year alone, including a first place in the ‘Harrowing’ contest with Inkitt, the website that is hosting my fiction and fantasy work. Currently, all four of the available pieces hold a five-star rating.

My often praised ability to convey rich worlds and characters in few words translates well into writing clear and informative articles. I am also a meticulous researcher and thoroughly reference my projects.

I live in sunny San Diego, California after relocating from the also-sunny Orlando, Florida. I am currently working on a novel in my leisure time, and plan on sharing it with the world for free, just as I do for the rest of my short stories.